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January 23, 2007

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Needed

The Department of Nursing is looking for two resprentatives, an undergraduate and graduate student, who would be available once a month (generally the second Friday of every month) to attend the Nursing Faculty Meeting. This would give you an opportunity to have student input into the decisions of the department. If interested, please contact Dr. Nancy MacMullen, Program Coordinator, at 708/534-4043 or via email at n-macmullen@govst.edu for more detail.

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Program/Certificate Questions

Starting immediately the blog will be monitored on a daily basis so that current and prospective students of the undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs may obtain the answers to their questions. If your question is more of a private nature you can email the Academic Advisor, Linda McCann, directly at l-mccann@govst.edu and she will assist you.

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Student Input

This section of the Nursing Blog is specifical for the nursing students. The Department of Nursing is hoping to hear from you. We would like to know your suggestions, feedback, comments...basically anything you would like us to know regarding the program. Please feel free to use this blog to as a means of helping us help you have the best educational experience we can possibly provide you.

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January 08, 2007

Graduation Applications for Winter 2007

Graduation Applications are due in to the Registrar’s Office on Tuesday, January 16, 2007. You can obtain the graduation application by going to http://www.govst.edu/appreg/t_registrar.aspx?id=1757 Late applications will not be accepted.

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