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June 21, 2007

Nursing Weblog Wows Miami Conference

Dr. Nancy MacMullen, Interim Nursing Program Chair, and Linda McCann, Academic Advisor, presented a poster presentation of Governors State University’s Department of Nursing’s Weblog “The Stethoscope: Nursing News in a Heartbeat” at the DUNEI Drexel University Nursing Education Institute’s “Creating the Learning Environment of Tomorrow” Conference in Miami, Florida from June 7th through the 10th. The title of the poster presentation was “Nursing Blog: Technical Innovation for Student Participation.” It was well received by the attendees of the conference that stopped by the poster exhibit.

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Drexel Conference Photo

Nancy at Drexel.jpg

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New CHP Website - Important for Nursing

The College of Health Professions has a new website that is definitely worth checking out. If you are currently in either the bachelors program or the masters program , the website provides you with an up-to-date student handbook that you can download and print out, as well as tuition waiver information, a link to the blog (where you can now find the required health forms under Program Forms - so if you need to turn them in please download, print them out and get them in) and other valuable information.

Let us know what you think of the website, your input is important to us.

Thank you.

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Universal Precautions Training Acknowledgement

Download file

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Student Health Form

Download file

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Student Handbook Sign-off Sheet

Download file

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Refusal of Hepatitis B Vaccine

Download file

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Potential Disease Exposure Form

Download file

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Master Application Biographical Sketch

Download file

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Informed Consent

Download file

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Incident Report

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Health Acknowledge Form

Download file

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Program Forms

Attached you will find all the forms required once you are admitted to either both the BSN and MSN programs. Please note that the Adult Health Acknowledge Form and the Master Application Biographical Sketch Form are required only of the graduate students. All of the other forms (Incident Form; Informed Consent; Potential Disease Exposure Form; Refusal of Hepatitis B Form; Student Handbook Sign-off Sheet; Universal Precautions Training Acknowledgment; and Student Health Form) are required of both undergraduate and graduate students, along with a copy of your current RN license, malpractice insurance, personal insurance, and CPR card.

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June 12, 2007

From Alabama to Vietnam and the South Suburbs

Colonel (Retired) Constance Edwards, Army Nurse Corps, known at GSU as Dr. Constance Edwards, nursing faculty was one of the speakers on the program of the two month traveling exhibit “Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating Female Physicians. Approximately 35 people attended the 2-hour session, including nursing students (one in attendance is an Iraq nurse veteran), community residents, university staff and faculty two male Vietnam Veterans, members of the National Women Veterans United, and GSU public relations staff. Also in attendance were family members of a former GSU nursing student, Hakeem Ishola, who was officially sworn into the Army as 1LT by Col (Ret) Edwards. The Power Point presentation took a journey from racially segregated south and segregated nursing school with highlights on Nursing in Vietnam and how military nursing has helped to change the face of medicine. The Suburban Star photographer and reporter stayed throughout the program with Lindsay Gladstone from University Public Relations and Lydia Morrow, coordinator of the program. A full-page article appeared in the May 27, 2007 Sunday edition of the paper.

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Sigma Theta Tau International: Lambda Lambda Chapter Research Program

On June 11, 2007, Dr. Constance Edwards presented her work on “Barriers for Parental Involvement in School-based Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs: Is Human Subject Protection a Major Factor?” The research was part of the College of Health Professions’ EXPORT Project that was supported by a National Institutes of Health, National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities grant. The original aim of the research was to compare healthy lifestyle changes significant to weight status in 4th grade children in an experimental group whose parents received instructions that paralleled instructions given to all 4th grade students in the school district with changes of children in a control group whose parents were not offered the instructions. Workshops for both parents and students included content related to healthy eating, low cost physical activity, and reduced screen time that deters regular physical activity with a focus on obesity prevention rather than obesity management. Research that followed a low parental attendance at the workshops indicated that presentation of Human Subject Protection protocols may have been a factor in the low parental participation. Implications for nurses were discussed.

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