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July 27, 2007

The NLN Foundation Minority Faculty Preparation Scholarship

The NLN Foundation Minority Faculty Preparation Scholarship has been created to provide financial support to students in master's degree nursing education programs who identify as underrepresented minorities and are preparing for the nurse faculty role. Two scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $5,000 each. For more information and to download an application, please visit www.nlnfoundation.org.

Application Deadline: Friday, August 10, 2007

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Dr. Tymkow at Vienna Conference


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Report from Vienna By Dr. Catherine Tymkow

Dr. Linda Samson, Professor of Nursing and Health Administration and Dean of the College of Health Professions, and Dr. Catherine Tymkow, Associate Professor of Nursing recently returned from the Sigma Theta Tau 18th International Nursing Research Conference: Collaboration: A Transdisciplinary Roadmap to Discovery in Vienna, Austria, July 11-14th. The focus of the conference was evidence-based practice. Dr. Samson was honored for her leadership in organizing the conference program. She presented Project SKIPP: Saving Kids through Integrated Prevention Programming funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (2003-2008). Dr. Tymkow presented Building Capacity for Substance Abuse Education in Nursing: Transdisciplinary Collaboration funded by the Nurse Education, Practice and Retention Grant Program of the Health Resources Services Administration of the Department Health and Human Services (2005-2008). The presenters acknowledge the co-authors/collaborators on these grants: Dr. Phyllis Johnson, PhD, MSW, Carolyn Estes-Rogers, MHS, Cara Warzynski, MSW, Dr. Judith Lewis, PhD, Addiction Studies, and Janet Engle, MS, MHS, M.Ed. Center for On-line Learning whose efforts helped make these presentations possible.

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July 26, 2007

Annie Lawrence Scholarship by Dr. Constance Edwards

When the University went from smaller departments with their own chairs Nursing, Communications Disorders, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy were combined as NCOP with Dr. Lawrence as chair. PT and OT were created while Dr. Lawrence was chair. Dr. Lawrence was highly respected by all of the programs and worked with them as closely as she did with nursing to insure all of the programs' quality and integrity.

Dr. Lawrence was the chair for the Nursing Program through all of its accreditation self studies and report writings. All nursing faculty, support course faculty and students were involved in the processes and students and community people were held accountable to be articulate about the GSU programs. She became a NLNAC site visitor after we received initial accreditation. Through much of our initial work when accreditation concerns was not a GSU priority Dr. Lawrence stood firm for the nursing program's quality and even used her own money at times to keep the nursing program properly positioned. She was on advisory boards of many of the other nursing programs in the state and consulted with several schools on their nursing programs. She insured that the GSU nursing faculty were well connected with other nursing programs and with programs within GSU. She was the lead instructor and mentor for the Nurse Administrator track in the graduate program when nursing offered 3 Functional role areas: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Educator and Nurse Administrator. The nursing faculty insured that she was the first Professor Emeritus from CHP when she retired. She secured the Nurse Traineeship grant and passed it down to me to keep up and reapply for, which we did through time when it was a challenge to position our part-time students to be eligible for it. Dr. Lawrence was the Director of the Department of Education and Registration prior to coming to GSU. She was also President of the Illinois Nurses Association. She was highly respected by the organization that was called the Illinois Association of Deans and Directors. No doubt the "Directors" was added to the organizations names to assure that GSU would have representation even though our head was not a Dean. To my knowledge GSU never missed being represented on any organization because our status was not Dean. Even when our CHP had its first and only nurse as acting dean, the person serving as Program Director for nursing was highly respected and accepted at that Deans and Directors meeting, I believe mostly due to Dr. Lawrence status in State of Illinois Nursing and her insistence of positioning the GSU nursing programs as being among the best in the state. We had nursing cohorts around the state when they were called Outreach programs because Dr. Lawrence insisted that we provide nurse education where other nursing programs would not. It was a "condition of employment for nursing faculty to belong to the Illinois Nurses Association". She was very regulation conscious and GSU was never out of compliance with any state regulation, thus our foundation for the nursing program at GSU is a very solid one. She is a strict parliamentarian and a member of a national organization of parliamentarian. She consulted with several nursing programs to build up their programs, especially the ones that were feeder schools to GSU.

The Annie Lawrence Scholarship will be available for Winter 2008 trimester for a nursing student. For more information and an application for the Annie Lawrence Scholarship please go to GSU Alumni Association.

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Sigma Theta Tau Presentation

Join us on September 18 at 9am in the Hall of Honors as our Sigma Theta Tau presents “The Path to Advanced Practice Licensure in Illinois and the new Illinois Nurse Practice Act” Presented by Michelle Bromberg, MSN, APN, BC, State Nursing Act Coordinator for the Illinois.

Join us for this important breakfast meeting to discover how the new Nurse Practice Act in Illinois will affect our license and our profession. Light Breakfast will be served. RSVP to Brenda Parham 708-534-4040.

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