September 01, 2010

University Mission Statement and Institutional Goals

Governor's State University's Mission Statement

Is committed to offer an exceptional and accessible education that imbues students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in a global society.

Governors State University is dedicated to creating an intellectually stimulating public square, serving as an economic catalyst for the region, and being a model of diversity and responsible citizenship.

Institutional Goals

1. Academic excellence

2. High quality faculty and staff

3. Continuous process improvement

4. Visibility, outreach and economic catalyst

5. Social, ethical, and environmental responsibility

6. Financial growth and sustainability

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College of Health & Human Services Mission Statement and Core Values

College of Health & Human Services' Mission Statement

Foster a commitment to lifelong learning, scholarship, professional ethics, diversity, and social justice; and infuse its programs into community partnerships for the economic development of the region.

College of Health & Human Services' Core Values

1. Integrity

2. Trust

3. Collaboration

4. Commitment

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Nursing Program Mission and Goals:

Nursing Program Mission

To provide an accessible, quality professional nursing education which will: Foster the acquisition of professional knowledge, values, and skills; facilitate the development of leadership, professional vision, and advocacy to promote quality in health care for diverse and underserved populations; and prepare nursing professionals to practice evidence-based nursing in a dynamic healthcare environment.

Nursing Program Goals

1. Prepare nursing students with knowledge, capacity for critical inquiry and thinking, and skills to function in a variety of practice settings.

2. Provide an environment in which students develop cultural competency in health care. 

3. Promote the professional values, beliefs and behaviors necessary for providing leadership in the delivery of health care in the 21st century.

4. Foster in students a commitment for life-long learning.

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