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May 09, 2007

Lines from Movies

Can you identify the movie and in some instances the actor/actress that said the line?

1. When I'm good, I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.

2.GERRY (Jack Lemmon): We can't get married at all…I'm a man.
OSGOOD (Joe E. Brown): Well, nobody's perfect.

3. Oh no, it wasn't the aeroplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.

4. It's okay, I wouldn't remember me either.

5. That's 30 minutes away. I'll be there in 10.

6. I could have made class. I could have been a contender.

7. Sharpness is a state of mind.

8. JOE GILLIS: You used to be in pictures. You used to be big.
NORMA DESMOND: I am big. It's the pictures that got small.

9. (Correction) If she can stand it, I can. Play it!

10. Why, a four-year-old child could understand this report. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can't make head or tail of it.

11. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like victory.

12. Ma, I made it…Top of the world!

Posted by d-nadler at May 9, 2007 02:15 PM


The ones I know without looking them up:
1. Mae West - I'm no angel
2. Some like it hot
3. King Kong
6. On the waterfront - Marlon Brando
8. Sunset Blvd. - Gloria Swanson
9. Casablanca - Bogie-but the quote is a bit wrong
10. maybe - Blazing Saddles Mel Blanc
11. Apocolypse Now - Robert Duvall
12. White Heat - James Cagney

Posted by: beth at May 9, 2007 02:59 PM